The Haynes Group, Inc.

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The Haynes Group, Inc.
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The Haynes Group (Haynes) is a full service commercial and residential construction company with multiple business units and a “green” orientation. They specialize in commercial construction and Tenant Improvements or “TI” (new office space build outs).

In early 2011 it was determined that Haynes was not satisfied with their current web site and recently completed a 2-day strategic planning engagement with Bill Bean of Green Planning & Coaching. This planning effort included a refinement of the Haynes vision, mission and value proposition and it was decided that someone with a clear understanding of this strategy should be include in the development of a new site. As a result, it was determined that Bill would work with Bob Lodi to provide a site redesign that would incorporate the compelling new business strategy for greater market differentiation and positioning.

The early Haynes website did not convincingly differentiate the company in the marketplace. To fit the site to the new marketing needs, the site was redesigned in 2011 to include the content, focus and value propositions developed in the new strategic plan. This allowed the site to become an important marketing tool as Haynes grows their business going forward.

In 2014, the site was updated and moved to WordPress, maintaining much of the original design, but allowing Haynes to make their own updates, and feature a more robust and searchable project portfolio.

Bob created several designs, and developed the original “new” site, and updated the site, the SEO, and the Project area, and moved it to to WordPress in 2014. Bob also took many of the project photos for Roland St, Liberty Hotel, Durand Chevrolet, and other Haynes projects.

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