RapidBuyr E-commerce Website

Project Details
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Project Description

RapidBuyr is a daily deal and e-commerce company focused on the B2B market for small to medium-sized businesses. Along with daily deals, RapidBuyr offered over 30,000 office product SKUs.

Dan designed RapidBuyr’s e-commerce website, from the ground up, for desktop and mobile. The e-commerce engine was from ShopVisible. RapidBuyr.com needed to be responsive and simple to use, while also supporting dozens of cobrands, where RapidBuyr’s brand became a white label behind the partners’ brand.

There were many aspects of the e-commerce website that needed to be designed effectively. There needed to be promotion pages, subscriber management controls, sectioned product detail pages, a main catalog page of “deal tiles”, daily HTML subscriber emails, and much more.

And there was also producing the daily onslaught of deal images that needed to be crafted and posted to the site.

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