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CampusLive—now called Dailybreak—is “a fun and rewarding break from the ordinary every single day”.

The website creates and launches bite-sized “challenge” contests that were initially targeted at college-aged adults. Challenges are brainteasers, quizzes, trivia and games about pop culture, music, fashion, sports and other topics. They help participants have fun, learn new things, interact with friends, and unlock exclusive prizes such as electronics, trips, gift cards. Players earn coins by completing challenges, referring friends, and connecting their profile to Facebook. Coins can be used to enter prize raffles and bid in prize auctions. CampusLive provides unique advertising solutions with focused targeting, engaging content, and guaranteed results. Challenges are consumer-initiated experiences that allow people to engage with and share with advertisers’ brand message.

Dan was called into CampusLive in its early stage to give creative advice and direction on how to redesign the website more effectively. He worked with the management team on design strategies that would increase user engagement and strengthen the overall brand promise. He consulted with the art department on ways to improve Challenge campaign messaging and design. The site was relaunched and user engagement was greatly improved.

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