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Guild Member: Dan Lynch
Guild Role: Guild Cofounder, Creative
Expertise: Creative Direction, Design
Contact: daniel dot james dot lynch at gmail dot com
LinkedIn: Linked In Page
Specialties: Team leadership focused on brand Identity and messaging, corporate and product logos, collateral, presentations, broadcast storyboarding, eBooks, mobile interface design, animated character development, print and online advertising, press kits, product brochures, signage, iconography, Web sites, Web-based application interface design, trade show graphics, illustration, photography, CBT interface and content design, wire-framing and prototyping, social networking mapping interface conceptualization

Dan is an award-winning designer with extensive experience creating comprehensive brands for companies of all sizes. He has measurably created and enhanced brand equity by designing attractive products and the marketing initiatives that promote them. His background includes hands-on design work and the effective management of the many resources required to extend brands to profitability.

Dan’s career began when he was eight, when he won the American Automobile Association’s poster contest. For a second-grader, it was a huge deal. He took art seriously and single-mindedly from then on.

Dan has worked as a professional designer since 1985. He has spent years honing his craft for all types of media. He’s been instrumental in startups and corporations in many industries.

Dan has been called a jack-of-all-trades. He prefers broad strokes—he likes to think about the whole enchilada. He likes crafting a brand to a higher level, to see how far it can go. Startups especially need someone who can take what they have and make it look and feel seasoned. That attracts interest—and dollars.

Dan has worked in a variety of industries including banking, medical, broadcast television, non-profit, industry events, publishing, education, software, business intelligence, mobile, B2B daily deals, and more.

Dan is comfortable and experienced in most kinds of design environments—the studio, the startup, the small company, the home office, and the mega-corporation. He values excellent communication and humor—a success quotient in any work environment. And he believes in keeping promises.

Dan loves big ideas. What’s yours?


Partial client list:

RapidBuyr, Reach Analytics, PixWithMe, MooresCloud, NetProspex, Moms and Jobs Inc, AT&T, T-Mobile, Vivox, CampusLive, Santander, Dow Jones & Company, Wells Fargo Bank, Astra Zeneca, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Chevron, ZDTV, Red Herring, Business 2.0, ESPN, Siemens, Intel, Interop, Ziff-Davis, Seybold Seminars, Sun Microsystems, American Film Institute, and Sega.




I have worked with Dan at RapidBuyr since December 2011 when he came on board to fulfill our need for a designer. At the time, we were in the midst of redesigning our site and trying to figure out and establish a permanent brand identity. Dan dove straight into the challenge, working tirelessly with the Product and Marketing teams to create the new and improved RapidBuyr.com.

Dan went above and beyond expectations, often recreating designs to make sure everyone was reminded of the broad potential the new RapidBuyr.com held. Whenever challenges arose, Dan’s vast design experience and expertise were invaluable assets—he was always able to overcome the many limitations of our website’s platform. His creative ideas not only respected, but emphasized, UI realities and he worked to ensure his designs were within the scope of needs of eCommerce shoppers.

As a small company with a small marketing team, Dan’s creative mind was a great competitive advantage. He often proactively identified areas to improve and promote, providing promotional creative and wording ideas. He was always ready to discuss his work and develop it further by incorporating feedback from his coworkers. I believe it is important to note that despite Dan’s sharp creative mind and high rank, he always welcomed and appreciated feedback from coworkers at every level.

On a personal level, Dan is great to work with. He is unfailing reliable, delivering assets on time and within the discussed scope. His creative thinking inspires everyone around him, pushing them to think outside the box and set the bar higher. Any brand would be improved from just a mere fraction of Dan’s insight.

—Ashley Rudd, Digital Producer at AMP Agency


I had the pleasure of working with Dan during his time at Dow Jones. His creative vision, work ethic and ability to collaborate with a large, multi-national group was a breath of fresh air. In a world of designer-divas and egomaniacs Dan proved to be everything a client wants… smart design, pro-active and willing to work around any issue. Thanks again Dan!

—Ray-Michael Peterson, Creative Director, Principal at Mercury 13 Design


Dan and I worked together at Dow Jones on the design and implementation of some dynamic graphical elements that would be used in a new sales initiative. I found Dan to be an excellent co-worker and collaborator who was able to anticipate many of my needs related to the objects and elements required to complete my job quickly and efficiently. When I requested something of Dan he responded quickly and provided me with the answers or files I needed to keep moving the project forward. It was a pleasure and a privilege working with Dan.

—Thomas Dopko, eLearning & Mobile Learning Developer at CommVault Systems, Inc.


Dan is a talented creative director and a joy to work with! While working with Dan, he was instrumental in establishing a great brand from the ground up for Generate. He supervised all aspects of branding the company including logos, Web sites, the collateral suite, product design, demos, presentations, and all advertising. Dan is a great designer and is technically proficient. He’s great at managing multiple projects and working with people. He produces high quality deliverables. I hope to have the opportunity to work again with Dan in the future.

—Debbie Perry, Sr. GTM Planning & Readiness Manager at McAfee


Dan is one of the top marketing and design people I have worked with. His keen listening skills and understanding of what we were trying to achieve transfered incredibly well to the market. His layout of a GUI strategy and his design work at Generate, Inc. was a key reason the company was able to attract investors, customers, and ultimately, an acquirer. Dan has an incredible “do whatever it takes” work-ethic and works through the night on deadlines if the situation demands it. He also has a great sense of humor, a much needed skill in entreprenuerial environments that are often full of pressure.

—Tom Aley, President & CEO at Reach Analytics


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan and also of knowing him personally. I recommend Dan without hesitation! He’s a meticulous graphic designer, a talented artist, and a stellar human being.

—Elizabeth von Radics, Owner, Editorial Services


You will be hard pressed to find a more creative, passionate, hard-working man than Dan Lynch. I’ve known Dan for over 20 years starting when we were both wet-behind-the-ears architecture interns in Boston in the 80’s. By pure coincidence we both ended up moving to San Francisco around the same time and becoming neighbors. It was then that I began to see Dan’s emerging skill as a digital media artist, a brand development genius and an all-round incredibly talented visual design person.

Today that emergence has fully blossomed. Dan has emerged into a full-blown design guru and is sought after by clients looking to improve their brand aesthetic, their web presence and perhaps most meaningfully to really dig down to help his clients apply reason and order to their image. With Dan you’re not just getting a talented person, you’re getting his active, imaginative, zany brain. Trust me, you want to work with Dan.

—Rob Wooding, Owner & Partner at Wooding Design


Dan lynch embodies every aspect of contemporary design development. More importantly, Dan defined and redefined the concept of a working partnership in our time together at Sp3d. He was, and remains, more than a colleague in his constant drive for better design, happier clients, and motivated employees.

Dan has the great ability to maximize the strength of a team. At the same time, he has the foresight and skill to reference autonomy when circumstances demand. He constantly succeeds with the highest honors either way.

Dan has been a top tier business partner in every sense of the term and I can give the highest recommendation possible.

Marc Senasac, Music Engineering Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America


I just looked up the word “creative” in the dictionary and found Dan Lynch’s picture. And there was even a cross-reference to the word “insightful.” Seriously, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mr. Lynch on many projects over the last decade — ranging from the big and complex to the small and complex. The common denominator is that Dan makes it simple in his characteristically elegant and effortless way. A designer by trade and temperament, Dan is a cornucopia of ideas. His flashes of insight are like sudden climactic occurrences: you need a bucket to collect them all. By far, it is his integrity that shines through. With Dan, the client comes first and the problem gets solved. What remains is the work and its legacy. It’s original, smart, edgy, sometimes humorous or ironic, and always dead-on in its execution. All I can say is…hire this man now before your competitor do

—Eric Swartz, Verbal Branding Professional


I worked with Dan on the web site for the first conference that Ziff Davis produced. I had proposed a fairly unusual strategy for the site and Dan totally stepped up and did an awesome job.

—Peter Karnig, Strategy Consultant


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