So you have chicken, cheese, salsa verde and tortillas. You’ve bought the best ingredients, and they’re lined up on the counter, ready to be assembled into enchiladas.

One method might be to smash all the ingredients into a casserole dish, put it in the oven on high for ten hours, and hope for the best. It might even taste like an enchilada in the end—who knows? At least the ingredients were top notch!

Clearly, branded design is one thing. But execution is quite another.

A big part of your brand’s promise is tied to your website or app’s technical performance. The design might be great, but what if it sits on a sea of muddy, error-prone, buggy code? Great execution makes people forget about the code—it becomes transparent. Because it’s out of the way.

RPS guild member Bob Lodi’s (bio) code is squeaky clean. He’s a master craftsman. Your site’s performance will have everything to do with how the backend is developed and executed, not just how it’s designed. Bob’s a real engineer—quite often he sees more value in fixing what’s there over building from scratch. It depends on what is more cost-effective and efficient.

Only that way will your customers get the whole enchilada.

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