What is a brand?

A brand is a promise.

Every brand, large and small, ill-conceived or magnificently crafted, makes some kind of promise, whether intentionally or not. If you run a lawn service and routinely mow half the customer’s lawn, leaving your tools strewn about, then you’ve promised that you’re a sloppy, careless lawn service. Without even trying, you’ve got brand!

Reputations are built on keeping promises, for better or for worse. There’s no designer in the world who can give your business its reputation. It’s your business. Design follows brand, not visa versa. You own your business, and you own your brand’s promise.

Where design can help make things better is by taking a fresh look at your business’s promises, and make sure they’re articulated clearly, pointed at the right audience, in the right places, in the right way. Metaphor is a great support for conveying your brand’s promises. Customers can be fully educated to your promise, and feel comfortable there—like being at home.

Really, just about all brands are potentially great brands. In all the promises that different businesses make to their customers, are the seeds of greatness. Rock, Pixel, Scissors can partner with you to make all the difference in reaching your customers with great design and execution. Water those seeds!

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