About Rock, Pixel, Scissors

Rock, Pixel, Scissors is a guild of seasoned, independent media professionals who craft cutting-edge creative that measurably enhances brand equity.

But why a guild, and not an agency?

A guild is an association of craftspeople. Each member a guild is a master of his or her craft. Due to longstanding professional relationships, Rock, Pixel, Scissors guild members trust each other implicitly.  And work well together, too. But RPS guild members are also fiercely independent, and travel their own professional paths. We rely on each other, but we’re also free agents. Our paths converge here at “The Rock”.

As guild members, we also wear big fancy robes and fezzes, and exchange cryptic secrets about our crafts while sipping mead. Indeed, we very much like this aspect of being in the guild.

Rock, Pixel, Scissors started as a conversation between Dan Lynch and Bob Lodi in 2010.  Dan’s background is in design, and Bob’s is in building technology. Time and again, Dan and Bob found themselves relying on each other for help with their respective clients. They enjoyed and trusted each other’s help, and found more value as individual professionals by relying on each other in a loose confederation.

From our experience, we know that the agency model doesn’t always work efficiently, or fairly. Many agencies have a lot of overhead costs—rent, salaries, benefits, fancy sofas in the lobby, etc. All of that expense is passed-down to clients. On top of that, many agencies put their clients in the hands of untested people—apprentices—rather than in the care of the actual master craftspeople who do the work. Their clients pay a premium for inefficiency.

Been there, done that. Dan had an agency back during Web 1.0, and is guilty as charged. There’s a better way to treat clients, at a fairer price.

Since Rock, Pixel, Scissors guild members are independent, they’re responsible for their overhead, and for their work. No one worries about the quality of their contributions, which is consistently high. Layers of middle management and lobby art are stripped away by creating ad hoc professional collaborations on a per-project basis. As masters of their craft, guild members get paid a fair market rate. And clients pay a fair market rate too. All that agency overhead—the fluff—is eliminated. The Eames chairs never make it into the lobby that’s not there.

Rock, Pixel, Scissors is the place for people who are looking for well-crafted, well-designed, well-built brands, online and offline.  And rest assured, you will always be working directly with the craftsperson who are doing the actual work—and paying a fair market price for it.

And, we don’t charge extra for our fancy robes and fezzes.

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